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Are you a property owner concerned about saving money and keeping your family safe?

Golden Gutters specializes in affordable dryer vent cleaning services, removing lint, debris, and other contaminants from your dryer vent. This not only ensures your energy consumption is as low as possible, but also safeguards your home from dryer fires.

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What is Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Dryer vent cleaning is a crucial form of home improvement that should not be taken lightly. The process entails the annual removal of built-up lint and dust from your dryer and exhaust vents. Over time, these vents can often become dirty and clogged if they are neglected, which will prevent your dryer from venting and functioning properly. Dryer vent cleaning has many significant benefits, as it increase the lifespan of your dryer, enhances the efficiency, and reduces safety and health hazards posed by dirty vents. If you notice your dryer is not performing at maximum efficiency, you are most-likely due for a cleaning.

At Golden Gutters, we’ve dealt with the toughest dryer vent cleaning jobs in the Tri-State area and we are here to help. Dryer vent cleaning is a very valuable form of maintenance and home improvement for any property owner. By sending a qualified dryer vent cleaning specialist to your property, we can save it from inefficiency and safety hazards. 

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Golden Gutters offer Specialist dryer vent cleaning to protect your home!

why should i clean my dryer vent?

At Golden Gutters, our priority is to ensure your dryer is running safely and efficiently. Cleaning and inspecting your dryer vents regularly can reduce safety hazards, lower your energy bills, and improve air quality.

A dirty dryer vent can pose fire safety hazards, due to the high heat paired with very flammable lint and dust. Dryer vent clogs are the leading cause of domestic fires in the US, responsible for thousands of fires each year.

Heat can also get trapped in your dryer, reducing the efficiency of your unit. Dirty dryer vents can reduce your dryer’s performance, so cleaning out your vents will reduce your overall energy usage

Lastly, a clogged dryer can trap moisture in the machine, leading to mold growth and contributing to poor indoor air quality. Regularly cleaning your dryer vent can release trapped moisture and stop harmful contaminants from re-circulating through your home, reducing the risk of these health concerns.

It is recommended to get your dryer vent professionally cleaned at least once a year to keep your home safe and efficient.

What are the steps to cleaning a dryer vent?

Dryers should be cleaned at least once a year, to avoid safety and efficiency issues. The steps to clean your vent are as follows:

  • Locate the vent at the back of your dryer and exhaust vent at the exterior of your property
  • Gather your cleaning supplies
  • Unplug the dryer
  • Disconnect the duct
  • Vacuum out the vent
  • Feed brush into the duct, extended as needed
  • Sweep up surrounding area
  • Inspect the exterior vent
  • Re-attach the duct and plug dryer back in
Note: Cleaning the lint trap after each run will keep your dryer exhaust clean, while simultaneously decreasing your machine’s drying time and risk of house fires.

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Golden Gutters offer Specialist dryer vent cleaning to protect your home!

“Highly professional gutter services…”


“Golden gutters were highly professional during the gutter cleaning service they provided us. The boys were on time, thorough, and committed to tidying up as part of the service. This is the first company I’ve used that didn’t leave a mess.

We really appreciated the immediate response to the request we placed on the website, and the fact that they could fit us in so quickly. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company.”

- Bruce

“Went above and beyond…"


“Super-prompt, efficient, courteous and tidy service completed by Jack. He informed me that the gutters were coming undone on the side of the house and he added new brackets to re-stabilize the gutters. He did this free of charge, which was really appreciated especially because this was already a very affordable gutter cleaning job.

They really exceeded my expectations. I’ve already scheduled my next cleaning in 6 months and have no hesitation in recommending them.”

- Jane

“Very efficient and thorough…"


“My gutters were cleaned out quickly and efficiently by Golden Gutters. 

Joe was very polite coming to the door to let me know he was here to clean the gutters. He explained to me what he was doing and why, every step of the way. He assured me everything would be perfect and I watched him clean out every gutter on the house. I felt confident in his experience and genuineness and I will definitely be using him again.”

- Alan

Frequently Asked Gutter cleaning Questions

How long does dryer vent cleaning service take?

A dryer vent cleaning service on a standard home dryer system will typically take 1 hour to complete. For services on a home dryer with excess lint buildup or a multi-dryer home, the service could take up to 2 hoursDuring this Golden Gutters service, you can trust that every nook and cranny of your vent will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected for lint.

What tools are used for dryer vent cleaning?

The tools you will need for dryer vent cleaning include a vacuum with multiple hose attachments, scrub brushes, Phillips head screwdriver or a drill, and a broom and dustpan. You may also need a brush to remove any remaining lint from the vent by hand and of course, safety gloves.

If you want to avoid buying the materials, spending time learning the techniques, and risking damaging your property, seek professional help. Golden Gutters will seamlessly schedule your gutter cleaning within the week.

What are some tell-tale signs I need an immediate dryer vent cleaning?

There are many ways to tell if your dryer vent is clogged, which would warrant an immediate dryer vent cleaning. If your clothes are taking longer to dry or feel really hot coming out of the dryer, this indicates the dryer is not ventilating properly. Another indication would be the vent itself feeling hotter than normal. These instances are generally a result of the moisture and hot air getting trapped inside the machine. Another sign would be visible lint or debris buildup on the outside of the dryer hose or flap. Excess dust buildup can attract pests or even cause a fire.

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